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Housing Support Program for Mathematics, Science and Special Education Teachers

Program Overview

The Housing Support Program is aimed at attracting experienced, certified talent in critical nationwide shortage areas-specifically, math, science and special education at the secondary levels-to teach in New York City. This program recognizes the challenges of relocating to or living in the metropolitan area and encourages both previous NYCDOE teachers and current teachers in other districts to consider New York City as an alternative to other career choices or other competitive school districts.

Fully certified teachers in these shortage areas who have taught a minimum of two years in the shortage area - either in their previous careers or currently - will be eligible to participate (the DOE may elect to reduce the eligibility standard to one year of teaching experience). All applicants must pass a rigorous selection process. Successful applicants will receive housing support of approximately $15,000 over two years in return for a three-year service commitment to teach in a high need school.

Details of Housing Support Program

Applicants selected for the Program will be eligible for an initial payment after the first week of employment for housing-related expenses up to $5,000 which could be used for the following:
  • Relocation expenses (including airfare or other transportation mode) movers, etc.
  • Down-payment on a mortgage
  • Initial fees associated with rentals (broker fees, security deposits, first-month's rent)
  • Current mortgage or rental payments in New York
  • Other appropriate fees as determined by the Office of Recruitment
Receipts for these items will be required. Teachers must commit to teach in NYC for a minimum of three years, and during the first two years of that commitment period, would receive a monthly housing stipend of $400 per month. Should the teacher resign or retire during the commitment period, the housing stipend would immediately cease and the teacher would repay a portion of the $5,000 upfront payment dependent upon years of service commitment remaining as determined through the signed participation contract. Please note, Housing Support is a taxable fringe benefit award.

Target Teacher Population

This program will target New York State certified, experienced teachers (or those candidates eligible through interstate reciprocity) with two or more years of full-time teaching in the local tri-state area or nationally (the DOE may elect to reduce the eligibility standard to one year's teaching experience). To be eligible for the Housing Support Program, teachers may not have been employed as an appointed teacher by the Department of Education in the immediate past two years.

Teacher Selection and Deployment Details


The Housing Support Program focuses on recruiting math, science and special education teachers at the middle and high school levels. Elementary special education teachers will be eligible for the program, however, preference will be given to middle and high school teachers in this subject. All teachers in this program will be expected to teach in a high-needs school as identified through the Teachers of Tomorrow list of schools. Placement in these schools will ensure appropriate payment is made. All placements in these schools will be made by the principal or his/her designee.

Overall, those eligible for Housing Support Program will possess the following:
  • Demonstrated ability to improve student achievement in their subject area.
  • Strong instructional knowledge and content-expertise.
  • Commitment to supporting the academic achievement of all students.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement of instructional practice.
  • Strong communication skills.
The Office of Recruitment and Selection Operations will determine an eligible candidate's suitability and acceptance for the Housing Support Program by:
  • Interviewing applicants to assess their past achievements in driving student achievement in the shortage area, as well as whether they meet the qualifications listed above.
  • Judging applicants against a hiring rubric.
  • Checking references and validating full time teaching experience in the shortage area from prior schools/ school districts.
  • Verifying certification in the shortage area.
Service Commitment

Teachers will receive the housing support detailed above in exchange for a service commitment of three years of teaching in the critical shortage field in an identified DOE school. Teachers accepted into this program will seek employment in middle schools and high schools which are identified as Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) schools. This schools list includes all SURR schools, Impact schools and most SINI schools, in addition to schools which are located in traditionally more difficult to staff areas. A list of eligible schools for this program is available on www.TeachNYC.net.

A teacher who fails to satisfy the full term of the service agreement will agree in advance to repay a pro-rata portion of the value of the support provided as a penalty. This penalty will only be imposed on those individuals who voluntarily terminate their employment, or who do not provide satisfactory service or meet all NY certification requirements. Mathematics and Science teachers will only be permitted to teach in grades 7-12. Teachers cannot have combined grade programs below grade 7.

This and all other program requirements are detailed in a supplemental contract to be signed by the participant and a representative from the Office of Recruitment and Selection Operations.

Application Procedures

Interested applicants must complete a online profile at www.TeachNYC.net and the Housing Support application and submit the following documentation within 10 business days from the date the application was filed:
  • Copy of current certification in the subject areas mentioned above.
  • Current Resume which details proven teaching experience.
  • List of References and Supervisors for up to the last three teaching positions you have held.
Please mail documents to:
New York City Department of Education
Division of Human Resources
Office of Recruitment and Selection Operations
Recruitment Scholarship and Incentive Programs
65 Court Street, Room 301
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
Attention: Housing Support Program

Candidates who do not complete an application at www.TeachNYC.net will not be considered for this program.

Upon review of your application eligible candidates will be required to interview with a Recruitment Manger within the Office of Recruitment and Selection Operations. Candidates who receive a letter of commitment for the current school year from the Office of Recruitment and Selection Operations are also eligible to participate in the Housing Support Program. Acceptances will be ongoing until mid-July.

The program is limited to a specific number of teachers annually based on financial and budgetary restrictions. International teachers, Teaching Fellows, Teach for America and Scholarship Participants are not eligible to participate in the housing support program. In addition, candidates who hold an intern certificate or any other transitional certificate from New York State are not eligible.